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     Outline of A Unified Theory based on (Relativistic) Quantum Electromagnetism


                 1  Gravity and General Relativity

                       a.  Background

                       b.  Related Publications

                 2  Weak Force

                 3  Strong Force (scheme only)


  1. Outline of A Theory of Gravity and General Relativity based on Quantum Electromagnetism


Newtonian gravity: Consider two simple single charged matter particles 1,2 of  masses M1, M2, and charges q1,q2 of any signs, that are separated at a distance r in a dielectric vacuum medium (Fig 1).  Either particle, i,  is according to the IED model composed of charge qi of zero rest mass, but oscillating at characteristic frequency i, hence having a mass Mi=i/c2 The internal total  electromagnetic radiation fields E1, B1 of 1, generated by its charge q1 , induce in the vacuum dielectric depolarisation radiation (DR) fields,  that are propagated at time t to the location  r of particle 2 as Ep1(r,t), Bp1(r,t);  Ep1=-E1, Bp1= -Ep1× c/c2, where  is the susceptibility of the dielectric vacuum.

In the DR fields Ep1(r,t), Bp1(r,t),  the charge q2 of particle 2 is acted on a Lorentz magnetic force, or DR Lorentz force

     F12=   q2 vp2 × Bp1 ,      vp2(r, t)= (q2Ep1/M2)dt

See Fig 1. And conversely an attractive Lorentz magnetic force F21 is acted on q1 due to the radiation fields of charge q2.  The mutual mean DR Lorentz force n is, for  q1,q2=±e,  


where is the linear mass density of the vacuum. 

Fig 1



         1) F is always attractive irrespective the signs of the charges, has an inverse square formula, and is capable to  penetrate through matter unhinded. F resembles in all respects  Newton's  gravity; hence represents Newton's gravitational constant.

          2) Epi, Bi  make up a gravitational wave, as a vacuuon dipole wave, in the vacuum at the velocity of light c. and do not interact with matter.

         3) Since the electromagnetic fields Ei,Bi are  quantized, it  follows that  the gravitational force F  and the gravitational fields are quantized (Pub 25).

         4) The gravitational force and fields have their origins in electromagnetism.

          5) A corresponding scheme leads also to   a prediction of a Doebner-Goldin form of self gravity (See Pub 19).







General Relativity: (to be added.)








Professor B Johansson has through the post doc funding + researches in 1995-2000  paved the way for the present unification research.

 P-I Johansson has given continued funding support for the unification research. Professor H-DD has communicated many discussions since QTS 4 2005; Professors NA (), IL (); Profs RL (), CB (); . Professors B Johansson and NA were the first professors who saw the significances of the de Broglie wave solutions for the IED particle (2000-02) and polarizable dielectric vacuum.



  Related Publications /Documentations:

[1] A Theory of Gravity and General Relativity based on Quantum Electromagnetism,   ISQS25, 2017.  Preprint: arXiv:physics/0612096 [physics.gen-ph] abs, pdf

[2] J X Zheng-Johansson, with  P-I Johansson, Gravity between Internally Electrodynamic Particles (updated), arxiv.org/ physics/0411245  

[2b] J X Zheng-Johansson, with  P-I Johansson and R Lundin,  "Depolarization Radiation force in a Dielectric Medium. Its Analogy with Gravity*," Quantum Theory and Symmetries IV, 2, Supp Bulg J Phys 33,Ed V.K. Dobrev, Heron Press, 2006, 771-780.

[3] Zheng-Johansson, Microcopic Theory of Gravity (Zheng-Johansson’s ealy (Jan, 2004) draft edition of the gravity paper arxiv:0411245, written as one book chapter)

[4] Zheng-Johansson’s Gravity Time Line. (see under iofpr.org.)

[5] Zheng-Johansson’s 2002 VR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Unification Scheme of the Four Forces“.

[6] Zheng-Johansson’s 2001 May NFR project funding application (loc KTH), title “Fundamental Construction of Material Particles”

[7] Zheng-Johansson’s 2001 Feb KVA project funding application (loc KTH), title “Fundamental Construction of Material Particles”

[8] Zheng-Johansson 2000-02 Papers /Communications on Unification Scheme

See further


Unification Project I


  2. Outline of A Theory of the Weak Force based on Relativistic Quantum Electromagnetism


            (Outline to be added.)


First full paper:

      - A Microscopic Theory of the Neutron,   J Phys Conf Ser 670, 012056 (2016), arxiv:1111.3123







3. Outline of A Scheme for the Strong Force based on Quantum Electromagnetism


            (To be added. See comment in this paper )