-On 2017-0915: A formal rejection letter of mhj has been sent on 2017-09-15 to the ORGANISATION in question.)

-On 2017-0915

- New filings with the Swedish Police are under preparation against the criminal mhj, including demand for payment up to 3 mSkr for all damages caused by mhj's crimes.

-  If CRIMINAL THIEF STREET PROSTITUTE mhjensen does not remove all LIES, My VETO can  take effect any minute, in due time.

- Re-quote BBC's Callaway: gossip has nothing to do with one being gossiped, but one doing it.

- The criminality of THIEF mhj is unchanged by the Swedish Law.  (updated 2017-09-24)





This page is valid trough 2017-2117. (updated 2017-07-15; 2017-08-07; 2017-09-15):


This public page at the IOFPR.ORG, has the following  statements regarding  mhj (morsen hjeart jensen, iranian residing in noway):


mhj (morsen hjeart jensen) is UNCONDITIONALLY PERMANENTLY REJECTED  for submittingor lowly cheaply academically-trivially hiding in  a proposal, in connection to any part of my unification research, for the purpose of acquiring (stealing) for himself  fund money +  scientific credit of mine. (updated 2017-09-24)


Rejection  is based on mhj's current ongoing, past CRIMINAL activities, theft-of-money motivated LIES, outlined  on this page. Scientifically, mhj has NON relevance to NON of my researches at NONE of any professional level.

(If this page is not sufficient) A Rejection letter to be (re-)sent formally in due time. On2017-0915: A formal rejection letter of mhj has been sent on 2017-09-15 to the organisation in question.)


All scientific research papers on unification authored by me (JX Zheng-Johansson) are my personal properties. Without my consent, no second party (mhj here) is legible to submit a proposal,  in the name of my scientific work  --to an organization for acquiring (for himself )/stealing money+ scientific credit.


 It is my trust that an honorable ORGANISATION shall NEVER gratify money and credit to such a criminal as  mousten h jensen mhj .(See below).

mhj is sort of  profession, non-professional, in his  conducts not worth mention here.


(Based on mhj's latest gossiping show, mhj had been accused by his prostitute for raping her, demands for large money payment. mhj seems not willing to pay for his prostitution. He is trying to use his solo gosspings to charge this payment to someone having NOTHING to do with his prostitution. Here is the crookedness, the bitch-ness of this mhj. )

(some historical factors:: mhj is an ordinary science worker,  has NO "out of the crowed" scientific establishment, was rejected by me for submitting a proposal from the beginning. mhj might felt being humiliated because of his Iranian origin, which was not the true reason. )


Affirmed from the Police: any organizations gratifying money based on such crimes as mentioned face like responsibilities.


Some (not all included yet) of the bases for the rejection are listed  here:


 (i). New filings  with the Swedish police against the criminal activities of mousten h jensen mhj, noway,  is in preparation, valid through 2017-2018.

         (ia). By the Swedish law,  public sexual assaults/rape -for money, are doubly criminal (the criminality was orally positively confirmed by a police in early contact).

         (ib). By the Swedish law, BLACKMAILING for money  (+scientific credit*)  is criminal.

         (ic). By the Swedish law, spreading  LIES for (STEALING) money (+ scientific credit*)  is criminal.

         (id). By the Swedish law, forging a proposal based on LIES for money to an Organisation for money (+ scientific credit*)  is criminal. 


An old incomplete filing with the Swedish Police exists. In that filing, items (ia), (ic), (id) are not addressed by the police (manipulative back-door talks appears to happened), or not included in the filing. Item (ib) is based on an old evidence --  (that was not sufficient  for the police to draw conclusion). New evidence materials exist, have not been submitted to the police.   


(ii).  mhj has NO relevance to/has NO contribution to - my scientific researches in any professional way. 

(iii) mhj's only connection is his solo media gossiping attacks, harassments, intimidations,  over a number of years, based on lies, accusations, false+ completely manipulated "statements".



The attached self-confession document below exemplifies how the criminal-based gun of THIEFS blackmail for money in the past:





**check out what mhj's lies are based on/ what mhj's prostitute is:

teenage schooled porn, today's social slum street  prostitute living on food stamps,  lier, vicious witch, money thief steals money by what ever means, potential muder of decesesed husband died for no reason but left with a real estaete property yet  to be paied by real moeny (the prostitued was known for being deprived from eating such  fooods as cheese)


mhj has been abusing his solo media gossipings to attack all other people, based on lies, accusations, false informations, and forging favorable images for himself.

Over the past number of years mhj have repeatedly carried out activities, including blackmailing for money, spreading lies for money, public sexual assaults/rape, that are more than just criminal by the Swedish law.






Below are some earlier comments.






Regarding mhj (, foreigner /residing in nordic ):

I never met and hardly know this person.  My science work has NO RELEVANCE to this person.

By official letter(s) I have formally rejected mhj for theft of my scientific credit + fund money.

I rejected mhj from the early days based on my impression of mhj  deriving from his daily spam emails+internet contents: 

quality-less, low*,  insincere, many-faced, untrustworthy, deceiving, fanatic, psychopathic,. Plus, non-professional as to his approaches. s


*the lowest person I had never seen among my trusted colleagues

** As exposed from mhj's more recent spam e-mails, mhj's motivation is purely for MONEY.


**** In particular, as mhj's own medium show revealed, xxx has been accused by a (his) wormen prostitute for having  rapped the wormen,   As a result xxx has been blackmailed for publicly posting this relevant video unless receiving large money. (compare this with mhj's own balckming-for-money conduct).  xxx obviously wants  large money for himself, as well as for paying the prostitute.


**** Also as revealed in mhj's spam mails, xxx has been paying  this (poverty-stricken) prostitute for daily living expenses (abusing swedish government money?) --- in exchange for lies. 

mhj has thereafter persistently made attacks by means of daily media harassments; daily media gossips based on obvious theft-of-money motivated lies.  mhj's acts are un-constitutional in a constitutional country. 

Based on mhj's spam messages, my rejection had been in official effect for a couple of years (until 2016), had prohibited mhj from putting the theft to a trial. In 2016, the imposed ban on xxx appeared to be lifted. This coincided with events  including the following :

Since late 2015-2016,  creeptical messages had appeared, pointing apparently to  blackmailing threats -using privacy material from my earlier swedish co-worker (reported to police). Blackmailing for money is criminal by the Swedish law---which should apply for crimes  by a foreigner committed in Sweden. (Have heard of no scientific community that admits blackmailing for science credit.) Due to the creeptic nature of the threat-message, the police has not been able to put a hand on the things.

In 2016, xxx had apparently made public sexual assaults in some communities (reported to police, have not received direct response).

Spam emails containing creeptic blackmail threats (New filing with the police is in preparation).


mhj has similarly gossip-attacked in fanatic style basically everyone (highly respected/highly established people) on his way.





- Citation of L. Callaway/Stanford Univ recent year research result: Gossips have nothing to do with one being gossiped, but one doing it. 

- Alike, projections  have nothing to do with one being projected, but one doing it.

- One does not expect a person's perception to go beyond the life hi/she has been too used to.

- One projects through one's own perceptions.

- Proverb: One can not lift one's own weight.



- Looking at histories, accusations come but from one of such disadvantaged, murky, stealing hands:

  -- (obsessively) inscure about own future. Envy of other's advantages.

  -- (desperately) insecure about money for day to day living. Envy, evilness.

Arranged  lies open up opportunities for prostitutions, for thefts of money, up to historically theft of life in open question marks.