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The IOFPR requests in public the Organisation in question to halt all proposal processes for money based on IOFPR research, until the IOFPR’s legal right + private-property right is respected.


NO civil person has the LEGAL RIGHT to impose the STEALING of  the money deriving from IOFPR research to pay (disguised Prostitution+Silencing payment payment to) a Criminal Blackmailer, LIAR, money THIEF,  social slam Sex Worker, prostitute of mhj.


The IOFPR's legal right + private-property right consists in PERMANENT REMOVAL of Prostitution+Silencing payment to mhj's criminal sex-worker, Blackalmailer MoneyTHIEF from any-form STEALING of the money deriving from IOFPR research.


If this public notice is not enough, the IOFPR is to take further actions, till the end.




All papers authored by Dr J X Zheng-Johansson (JXZJ ) at IOFPR are the SOLE intellectual properties of JXZJ and Acknowledged Collaborators.

       m-h jensen (iranian residing in noway) is FORBIDDEN  to steal (-to send in proposal for money based on) NONE part of the scientific work of JXZJ and Acknowledged Collaborators

      Ref http://iofpr.org/MemC3.html:  On-going/past criminal activities of m-h jensen;  filed reports to Police in Sweden/Norway.


20180228: Send official letters rejecting "proposal" sent in by mhj for money based on researches of JXZJ+ Acknowledged Collaborators.


20180302:  "proposal" sent in by mhj for money is deemed to be already removed from process.


20180302: To send formal rejection letter rejecting mhj hiding in other's proposal in SOONEST due time.





The IOFPR forbids the use -STEALING of JXZJ/IOFPR's (+Acknowledged collaborators') work for payment to mhj's  Prostitute /Blackmailer /LIAR/Food-stamp-supported-social-scam or anyone's street moneybegger-moenyTHIEF, /and payment to criminal mhj.


The IOFPR UNCONDITIONALLY rejects a proposal for money that includes payment to mhj's  Prostitute/Blackmailer/LIAR /Food-stamp-supported-social-scam or anyone's Street MoneyBegger-MoenyTHIEF-Blackmailer, and payment to criminal mhj.

Such proposal gravely VIOLATES the RIGHT of JXZJ/IOFPR.

JXZJ/IOFPR does NOT want any (forced by mhj) degraded money from that proposal.

The IOFPR does not want its work to be (forced by mhj) degraded/insulted/abused under that proposal.

                                       *          *            *

The IOFPR despises a street Money-Begger/Moeney THIEF/Blackmailer/LIAR.

mhj who wants to pay a prostitute, or mercy a social slam, or silence a Blackmailer/LIAR/Moeny-THIEF: pay using your own money in a back street.  DO NOT EVER steal IOFPR's work for that payment. Make sure to mark Prostitution /Blackmailer Payment on every note of that money.


International Conf, 2018




International Conf, 2017


 International Conf on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries ISQS25, Prague, June 5-10, 2017 .  ArXiv preprint server.




 IOFPR at Researchgate


Jean de Climont, The Worldwide list of dissidents scientists: Critics and alternative theories, 2016


International Conf, 2016


 ISQS24, 2016

International Conf, 2015


International Conf on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries ISQS23, Prague, June 23-29, 2015


International Confs, 2015


ICQNM, 2015 (The Ninth International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies)




Jacques Mahnich, Science Contribution to Spirituality, The Theosophical Society in Europe – Federation of National Societies.


International Confs, 2014


ICQNM, 2014 International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies


International Confs, 2014


Group Theory 30, Ghent, July 14-18, 2014

International Confs, 2013


IntSys, Integrable systems and quantum symmetries, 2013

International Confs, 2013


ICQNM, 2013 International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies


Discussion with Dr F K Jansen


Stockholm, 2013 at a finest dinner on invitation from D Jansen and his wife.

Measurement Problem: A Prediction Problem in Quantum Mechanics and Classical Physics


International Confs, 2012


ICQNM, 2012 International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies

International Confs, 2012


  Sixth International Workshop DICE 2012

International Confs, 2011


  SYMPHYS XV, 2011


  ICQNM, 2011 International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies


  PIERS, 2011,


  QTS-7, Quantum Theory and Symmetries, 2011



 International Conference on Statistical Physics


 Feb 16, 2011, Dr Zheng-Johansson visits Gothenburg: excellent discussions on wide scope of aspects in fundamental physics.  



International Confs, 2010




 Group Theory 28, July 25-30, 2010 


 ICQNM, 2010  International Conference on Quantum, Nano/Bio, and Micro Technologies

International Confs, 2009


6th Int Sympo Quantum Theory and Symmetry, QTS 6,  2009


International Conference on Quantum, Nano and Micro Technologies, ICQNM, 2009


International Confs, 2008


 27th Int Colloq Group Theo Meth  Phys,  Group 27 (preprint arxiv.org/pdf/0812.3951 v2)

April 2008


 Dr Zheng-Johansson visits Munich /QM collaboration.


International Conf, 2007


  5th Int Symp Quantum Theory and Symmetries, July 2007


 Int Conf on Symmetries in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, Kiev, UK




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