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Dr Zheng-Johansson (2000-present) developed a unification scheme for classical, quantum and relativistic mechanics, and for the four fundamental forces.

        Dr JX Zheng-Johansson (JXZJ) is the initiator and scientific sponsor of the unification project I-II, is responsible for the conceptions and developments of the model/theories/schemes, and is responsible for  the writings of the scientific papers and books within the projects.

        The Unification Projects began in 2000, spin-off from Dr Zheng-Johansson's superfluid theory (see below). The original motivation was a more comprehensive representation of  quantum particles, like the superfluid He II atom, in respect to quantization, wave phenomena, excitations, etc.  

         The unification project has been privately funded by scientist P-I Johansson, except for two conf travel grants (2007) from VR, and one Conf fund donation (2003) from Studvik Nuclear.  

         See further Projects I-II/related papers for acknowledgements to the discussions, communications with other physicist, scientists 


Dr Zheng-Johansson (1998,1999) developed  a complete microscopic theory of superfluid He II, as a postdoctoral work at Bristol University, HH Wills lab. The research direction was incited during frequent discussions with Dr J Wilson on high Tc superconductivity in theory and experiments, for which there was not a satisfactory general theory. 

        The research was funded by the Swedish Research Council and Wallenberg Foundation, granted during postdoctoral work at Professor B Johansson's group, Uppsala University. See further Superfluid Project /related papers for acknowledgements to the discussions, communications with other physicist, scientists.











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