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December, 2003:

•  Abstract submission: IOFPR members to present Inference of Schrodinger wave equation from Newtonian mechanics, at Charm Quark States, D10.015, APS, (April, 2004).


• Nov-Dec 2003, Abstract submission: IOFPR members to present Inference of Newton’s Law of Gravitation at session C1.026,  APS Meeting, (April, 2004).


• ZJ  presents Superfluidity Mechanism of He II at the Oral Session L15 - Quantum Fluids and Solids IV L15 (Oral), Am Phys. Soc. Bulletin (Mach, 2004).


• The IOFPR members present Unification Scheme for Classical and Quantum Mechanics at all Velocities at General Theory Y38 (Oral), Am Phys Soc Bulletin (Mach, 2004).


•June 4-5, 2003:  JXZJ of IOFPR gave a seminar at a Swedish research institute (IRF) on the unification work (June, 2003).



May 20, 2003: (New listed Nov 2004)                       .



• April 02, 2003, Dr ZJ first-time email contacts RL /IFR as a stranger, relocates IRF (RL) for host location for ZJ's 2004 VR (unification) project application. ZJ's unification project from 2003 to 2010 is in practice privately funded by IOFPR (PIJ).


 March-May, 2003:



•  Communicated with a number of international physicists, in related main-stream fields and also off-stream field, on the IOFPR’s full manuscript of title "A unification scheme for classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities (I) The fundamental formation of material particles". A copy of the full manuscript is recorded in the data base of the journal to which the manuscript is submitted on March, 2003.


 Mar 14, 2003:

ZJ and PIJ  "An unification scheme for classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities (I) Fundamental Formation of Material Particles", manuscript submitted to Proc Roy Soc London  


See a detailed account of activities in this stage in ZJ's Gravity Time Line.


Mar 05, 2003:

• ZJ receives invitation from book publisher for editing books /monographs.  ZJ decided to start with compiling into monographs  the (essentially completed) superfluid research and then results from the on-going unification research.


• Feb, 2003:

A funding was given by a high-technology company for covering the expanses for attending the APS March Meeting.

• J. Zheng-Johansson, with  P-I. Johansson, “Fundamental construction of material particles at all velocities”,  presentation at: Theoretical Physics C14.004 (Oral), Am Phys Soc April Meeting (Philadelphia, 2003).


• Zheng-Johansson, "Unification of Classical and Quantum Mechanics, & The Theory of Relative Motion",  presentation at the APS March Meeting (Austin, 2003), G35.001-General Physics (ORAL) baps/mar03.cfm;   R1.211.