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*The Microscopic Gravity Theory is solely initiated, directed and conceived by, and solely, fully ready developed by Zheng-Johansson/IOFPR as a prediction in terms of the IED particle model and solutions;  the gravity paper is ready written by Zheng-Johansson/IOFPR; the research is privately financed by PI Johansson +Zheng-Johansson (until 2003)/IOFPR; the full expense for QTS 4 conference /travel  is privately covered by IOFPR (PIJ+ZJ).



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Professors B Johansson, N A, were the first professors who saw, from the standpoint of their broad reputable expertise in the fields of quantum and classical theories and physics of condensed matter and beyond,  the significances of the de Broglie wave solutions for the IED particle (2000-02) and polarizable dielectric vacuum.


Professor B Johansson, from the standpoint of his broad expertise in condensed matter physics and his always-encouraging attitude toward novel unconventional approaches to physics problems which (in this case) lead to an overall more coherent representation, has given Dr ZJ unestimateable moral support during ZJ’s development of the superfluid theory (1998-2002), and ZJ’s development (basically to its final form) of the subsequent unification scheme (2000 through 2002), and (BJ) is the professor who ushered the opportunity for ZJ to do these researches.






(Originally for ZJ personal documentation only.)







Up  to later  2002

ZJ had been in contact with BJ. 2002 VR project funding application host: BJ, KTH.

Although, (apparently relevant to the new research ZJ is doing and the scanty prospect in publishing the results with peer reviewed journals in at least a soon future), at the time there is a lack of prospect for a research position as well as host location for ZJ's following-year project funding application with BJ.







Jun 14, 2000

J.X. Zheng-Johansson, "About relative motion etc." (with comments on origin of QM), (Email to  Prof. S. Stenholm.)








emails to LB (among others during the time).







Nov 26, 2001

J.X. Zheng-Johansson,  "About relative motion etc.", (email, Nov 26,2001)







Nov 10, 2001

J.X. Zheng-Johansson, "Discussion with you" (on unif scheme), (Email to Prof. N.A., Nov 10, 2001)



Jan 10/10, 2002

Contact/ correspondence-from Professor JC, regarding submission/reviewing He II paper.















2002, May

J X. Zheng-Johansson, "Unification Scheme of the Four Forces” (with review of achieved results on : ”Unification of Classical and Quantum Mechanics at All Velocities”), VR Project Proposal, May, 2002, Host location KTH, Prof B Johansson








ZJ (Zheng-Johansson) sends by airmail to BJ (Professor B Johansson) copy of the manuscript on unification scheme (pp1-82, presenting the particle formation scheme (or IED particle model), and vacuum structure basically in their final forms.)


Shortly after, ZJ spoke with BJ by phone.  BJ made an ever-encouraging comment (not disclosed at the present.)








email unif scheme abstract to MB, et al







2003-03-0(1)-(to look up)

ZJ attends APS march meeting, presenting on-going   unification research results








ZJ receives invitation from book publisher NS for  editing books /monographs by ZJ's choice.  ZJ decides to start with compiling into monographs  the (essentially completed) result of superfluid research and then the  results from the on-going unification research.


(Newly included: ZJ supposes that the invitation for book publication is due to recommendation by JC, which directly mentions the superfluid work but appears to be indirectly stemmed from (appreciation of) the APS March meeting presentation of the unification work).


(Shortly after) ZJ communicates the book opportunity to BJ, who seemed not so enthusiastic, apparently because it seemed not the same thing as publishing with a (leading) journal.




ZJ corresponds in emails with the book publisher,  agreeing for signing a contract for writing/publishing  a superfluid book with the publisher, suggesting submission date Oct 31, 2003).


ZJ drafts a letter suggesting to publisher with NS a second book, describing results from the unification research.




ZJ  first-time submits to Proc Roy Soc London manuscript "An unification scheme for classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities (I) Fundamental Formation of Material Particles" (with PIJ)




in this period, the prediction of de Broglie phase wave,  (and theory of relativity?)  is complete.

Development of a microscopic theory of gravity and derivation of Schrödinger equation within the unification scheme become the  focus of attention.

However, the unification work as a whole is interrupted from 2003-03-05 to 2003-10-30(?) when most of the time is, based on Nova contract, spent for writing an book article and a monograph on the superfluid theory.





ZJ first-time contacts Dr RL (R Lundin) by email for a host location for ZJ' VR unif project application, receives agreement, and writes up/ submits VR project application middle of the month.








Zheng-Johansson  pencil sketches on 4 pages  diagrams which first-time describes that there presents according to Lorentz force law always an attractive radiation force acted on one charge due to the

radiation depolarization fields and radiation electric and magnetic fields produced by another charge situated in a dielectric vacuum medium; this force is always attractive irrespective of the signs of the charges; and writes down the basic mathematical formulas for EM radiation intensity whose square root  is proportional to A_r^2 (or 1/r^2) ---as is in the final form of the gravity theory.




 When first time communicated to PI about the just  discovered  always attractive force, or gravity, in the night (the same day as customarily is), ZJ remembers receiving a remark by PI, am I living with the most geniuses person in the world ? Although PI does not recall this later. 








Zheng-Johansson (ZJ) sends RL email (subj  "recent progress" ),  (first-time) commenting ZJ's recent discovery of an always attractive force between two charges given as IED solution (as sketched in the 2003-05-03 notes).








ZJ sends  IRF secretary Stina by email an Abstract  for the seminar ZJ is  to give at IRF. The Abstract ends as  "Finally, I outline the on-going and planned research problems within our unification projects, these including the derivation of Schrödinger's equations from Newton mechanics, the formulations of a microscopic theory of gravity, ...".







2003-06-03 to 04

Zheng-Johansson (ZJ) pays a two (and half) day visit to RL (R Lundin) at IRF. After the seminar (06-04), in a person to person meeting/discussions with RL , ZJ described the newly discovered always attractive force between two arbitrary singed charge in terms of the right-hand rule.

RL expresses a philosophical view that microscopic world can not be represented (with model) if it can not be seen. (RL made a remark in the Lund meeting later (2005) that he altered his that view).

ZJ (being condensed matter physicist)  explains that, nature inevitably must have its definite structure and mechanical/motion scheme of operation down to any small scale, only that at very small scales they are too small to be seen with human eye or any instrument available today. One can nevertheless model their structures and motion schemes governed by some basic laws, and verify these by comparisons between predictions of relevant  properties and experimental observations. 


An encouraging/significant thing to ZJ out of the visiting was that RL proposed the prospect of a series of seminars for  ZJ to come back IRF to give in the forthcoming future.  (That was in practice never realized).

A prospect for an academic position has been suggested by RL in later other occasions in similar informal way. Expecting a poisition from IRF in this particular case, ZJ gave away an author place on ZJ's the gravity paper.

(ZJ is in communications with many internal distinguished physicists in condensed matter physics, theoretical physics.) 

Later 2006 (date)  explicit written inquiry concerning  academic position.  Receiving answer of no.


ZJ's unification research has been privately funded by IOFPR  in practice.








With some few exceptions, from this date up to the contracted submission deadline for the supefluid book  (Oct 31 2003), ZJ is fully occupied with writing the He II book.

      The writing of the book went much beyond a simple compilation of earlier results, but involved extra treatments and writings of numerous new aspects not treated before, that are  necessary to be presented in the book as complete as possible, as the monograph is aimed at.




ZJ  sends to book publisher NS a second book publication proposal, about a book presenting the  unification scheme.




J. Zheng-Johansson (with P-I. Johansson), "A Unification Scheme for Classical and Quantum Mechanics at All Velocities" (20030613- draft of unif book manuscript ), 125 pages






ZJ sends to RL three unification papers by email (subj "The unification paper I (II,III to follow"), mentioning among  other things expectation to re-visit IRF and give seminars, as RL suggested during June 03-04.  








ZJ submits final He II book manuscript to Nova Sci publisher.








As soon as sending out the He II book manuscript, ZJ resumes unification work.








[Most of the new solutions/treatments/predictions within the unification scheme, as the microscopic gravity theory is, are first electronically typed into chapters /sections of the unification book.]







2003-11-14, 11-29

ZJ pencil sketches a first formal mathematical solution for the always attractive Lorentz force between charge, resembling directly Newton's  inverse square law of  gravity, in exact terms of the scheme ZJ sketched on 2003-05-03, that is a mutual attractive radiative Lorentz force between two charges in their mutual radiation electromagnetic and depolarization field. See pdf copies of notes pages 1,2, (of total 4 pages on 2003-11-14), pages 1,8,10 of  1-10 pages.








J. Zheng-Johansson, "A Unification Scheme for Classical and Quantum Mechanics at All Velocities" (2003-11-24 draft of unif book manuscript, include gravity theory as one chapter in form of tab of content, early diagram showing mutual attractive Lorentz force between charges, and beginning part of the gravity theory)







J. Zheng-Johansson, "A Unification Scheme for Classical and Quantum Mechanics at All Velocities" (with  P-I. Johansson) (2004-01-14 draft of unif book, pp 1-147, 147-231, including ZJ's new Microscopic Theory of Gravity, part IV, chapter 11, basically in its final complete form),  




(about (May) 2004 RL offers to write a foreword for the unification book)








ZJ first time send to RL by email  (Subject: The Gravity Manuscript)  ZJ's paper of ZJ's fully developed /written gravity theory,  excerpted from the unif book. 

















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