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December, 2004

• IOFPR new publication: “A unification scheme for classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities”, physics/0412168,, CERN, DESY, Harvard, citebase (Dec. 27, 2004).


• IOFPR to present at APS Meeting: “Structure Factor of Superfluid He II about Dispersion Minimum” N33 Quantum Liquid and Solid III (March, 2005)


• IOFPR to present at APS Meeting 2005: “Inference of Schrodinger's Equation from Classical Wave Mechanics” P33 Quantum Mechanical Properties (March, 2005)


November, 2004

• IOFPR new publication: (The Origin of Gravity) “Cause of Gravity. Prediction of Gravity between Charges in a Dielectric Medium”, arxiv physics/0411245 (updated)  

   • 500 major HEP institutions at SPIRES.  

[The gravity theory  is solely ready developed by IOFPR  (ZJ) as a prediction in terms of the IED particle model and solutions; the paper is ready written by IOFPR (ZJ);  the full expense for QTS 4 conference/travel  is privately covered by IOFPR.]         


• IOFPR new publication: “Inference of Schrodinger's Equation from Classical Wave Mechanics (1) Single Charge in Zero Potential Field”, arxiv:physics/0411134  (Nov, 2004).


November, 2004

• new added time line around May 2003 (See below). IOFPR Copyright Statement is accordingly drafted; see left bottom corner.


October, 2004:


• New publication on “Critical velocity for Superfluiduity Motion in Channels Narrower than Micrometers.” arxiv:cond-mat/0410485 (Oct, 2004).  Excerpt from book 1-59033-974-6, 1590338626.


October, 2004:

• New publication on “Neutron Scattering by Superfluid He II about Dispersion Minimum.” arxiv:cond-mat/0410442. Excerpt from the book 1-59033-974-6.


August, 2004:

• Authored by IOFPR members,  “Unification of Classical, Quantum and Relativistic Mechanics and of the Four Forces” Vo.1, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2005, ISBN: 1-59454-260-0. pp. 250


• Join Superconductivity Group.

June, 2004:

• JX Zheng-Johansson, The Microscopic Theory of He II and its QCE Superfluidity Mechanism Applied to Superconductors, Nova Science, 2004. ISBN: 1-59033-974-6. co-coauthors  B Johansson, P-I Johansson.  Collaborators B Johansson,  et al.


• IOFPR members to present “Unification Scheme for Classical, Quantum and Relativistic Mechanics and for Gravitational and EM forces” at The Meeting of The Division of Particles and Fields of the APS (DPF, 2004)


January, 2004:

• The Superfluidity Mechanism of He II developed by Dr Zheng-Johansson, with collaborators B Johansson, et al,  in: New Developments in Superconductivity Research, R.W. Stevens Editor, The Nova Science Publishers, 2003. ISBN 1-59033-862-6. (search ISBN 1-59033-862-6 at this site) |Blackwell |.