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 Feb 24, 2003: J X. Zheng-Johansson and P-I Johansson, “Unification Scheme for Classical and Quantum Mechanics at all Velocities (I) Fundamental Formation of Material Particles”*, (Submitted to Proc Royl Soc, London, Feb 24, 2003, subID 03PA0056;  resub Mar 14, 2003. PDF copy pages 1-12,25-29)


   Aug 28,  2002:   J.X. Zheng-Johansson, "An unification scheme for classical and quantum mechanics at all velocities (I)"*, (manuscript sent to Prof. B. Johansson, pp 1-83,  Aug 28, 2002;   excerpt pages: pp 1-6)


 J X. Zheng-Johansson, "Unification Scheme of the Four Forces” (with review of achieved results on : ”Unification of Classical and Quantum Mechanics at All Velocities”), VR Project Proposal, May, 2002, Host location KTH, Prof B Johansson.



   Nov 26, 2001: J.X. Zheng-Johansson,  "About relative motion etc.", (email Nov 26,2001)



 J X. Zheng-Johansson, "Fundamental Construction of Material Particles,” NFR Project Proposal, May, 2001, Host location KTH.

 J X. Zheng-Johansson, "Fundamental Construction of Material Particles,” KVA Project Proposal, Feb, 2001, Host location KTH.



   June 14, 2000: J.X. Zheng-Johansson, "About relative motion etc." (with comments on origin of QM), (Email to  Prof. S. Stenholm.)


     Spring, 2000, JX Zheng-Johansson begins conception/ development of basic particle formation scheme, later termed as Internally electrodynamic (IED) particle model.  





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