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The IOFPR is a fundamental physics oriented research institute based in Sweden.

Its goal in research is to achieve a unified, coherent, and enduring representation of a sequence of physical phenomena, like electromagnetic waves, vacuum, the basic building objects of material particles.  We build for these the real-space models based on observations, in a way that the dynamics of the real-space objects are solely governed by a minimal set of established laws of the Newtonian-Maxwellian physics.

The incompleteness of today’s representation has in the past generated numerous innovative attempts for representing the various phenomena.

The Unification Scheme achieved by IOFPR is unique and stands by itself; it has demonstrated a maximal conformity to observations, consistency, unity with Newtonian-Maxwellian physics; it has on each occasion shown a sustainability to scrutiny. Follow the links at the IOFPR publications to read more about the scheme.

The IOFPR will expand its research staff if financially feasible.

The IOFPR invites donations in any quantities. Your generous donation will be essential for sustaining the IOFPR ongoing research activity and for future expansion. The donation in small quantities will be spent for attending conferences, travels and visiting, upgrading research utilities including computer hardware/software, printer, etc; donation in large quantities will be used for staff salary and capital expansion.

For donations or related queries, contact the IOFPR by:

Tel: +46 155 225209